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Hello Friday! I'm taking it easy this weekend after getting back from a quick trip to Columbus, OH for work yesterday. It was my first time visiting the city and I loved it! Definitely hoping that I get the opportunity to return in future. Hope everyone has something to look forward to this weekend whether that be adventures out and about or some quality Netflix time (I finally started West Wing and am already hooked)

In other news: The Robo Show opens tonight at Light Grey Art Lab! If you're in the Minneapolis area you should check it out. I've got a process post coming up later today about my piece for the show.

Dear Montréal, when can I move in? // A few of the beautiful buildings spotted last weekend while I was in Montréal with my sister. I could easily just spend my entire visit walking around looking at houses whenever I'm in this city. (Many more building pictures from the trip on my instagram.)

I Love You and I Like You // I didn't have time to make any new Valentine's this year, sadly, but Parks and Rec or Arrested Development cards from years past are still available if you'd like to print and share those! 

You're a Treasure // Even more Valentine options! I hate the holiday but love the amount of great art and puns that are its product every year. Liz made these fantastic (free printable!) Valentine's for the Sunshine Syndicate.

Friday Dance Break // It's not unusual....