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Happy Friday! I am currently on a bus en route to Montréal (well actually it's Thursday night and I'm writing this in advance....and feeling marginally superstitious about stating my plans for tomorrow) because who doesn't want to visit Montréal in January? Spent the last couple of days in Ottawa with my sister. I was hoping to partake in a bit of skating on the Rideau Canal but the weather has thwarted that for this visit (but you'll never hear me complain about it being above freezing). Oh well, next time!

Monet: A Bridge to Modernity // I got to see this great exhibition yesterday. One of my favourite parts of the show was a listening area where they had a few ipods loaded with music by composers that were active around the same period. Listening to the impressions of nature and light captured through music while flipping through books filled with Impressionist paintings seems like such a simple idea but it was totally transformative.

The Answer // I caught up on Steven Universe last weekend and was so in love with the backgrounds in this episode. I mean, the backgrounds are always incredible but they were exceptional in this one. 

Kill them with Kindness // Important read about confronting internet bullies, being a woman in the design industry, and trying to lift others up rather than tear them down.