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Hi friends, it's been a while since the last Lately post. Here are a few of the things that have been inspiring me recently. 

Les Desmoiselles de Rochefort // I'm ashamed to say that this Netflix dvd had been sitting unwatched on my media shelf for over a year. I finally watched it last weekend and it was amazing. Great fashion and dance, such a visual feast. And, of course, Gene Kelly

Pyrgi, Greece // While scrolling through my instagram feed a few days ago, the photo on the right made me pause and stare. How is this incredible town covered in beautiful pattern and colour real? The buildings are adorned in patterns created by painting and carving plaster called graffito. Definitely added to my Things-to-Draw list. If I ever travel here, I'm going to have to go solo because whoever I travel with will likely grow tired of me stopping every few feet to draw everything.

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10 Murals: One Day // This mural project spearheaded by Mike Perry (the amazing artist behind the Broad City opening credit animation among other things) brightened Brooklyn and my instagram feed yesterday. 

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I Love You and I Like You

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As a love letter to one of my favourite television series, I thought it would be fun to make some Parks and Rec themed Valentines to say farewell for its final season. I had so much fun with the Arrested Development ones a few years ago and have been wanting to make another set so this was the perfect excuse. You can download and print 'em to give to your galentine or someone that you love and like. I also have some nifty square ones that you can share on instagram available to download on my tumblr if that's your (Jeremy) jam. Thank you to all of my cool friends that helped me think of the perfect phrases to pair with each character!


Click here to download the complete set!

I made you say are my Valentine.

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Lately, I've been missing the ability to share a bit of what I've found interesting or been inspired by that blogging regularly allowed me to do. So I thought I'd start semi-regularly posting what non-art happenings I've been up to and some things that have caught my eye.

Home for the Holidays // My free time has mostly been consumed by house illustrations for the past few weeks. I always love doing this every year and hearing the stories that go with the homes that people share. All of the illustrations are wrapped up now and I'm just waiting to pick up the last batch from my printer so I'll share a bit more after the holidays but here are a few of my favourite bits. I set up a mailing list for anyone interested in being notified when sales begin next year!

Over the Garden Wall / I recently (well, recently when I started the draft for this post a month and a half ago) devoured this entire series. The best kind of weird, dark folklore but with lighthearted characters and bizarre surprises to keep it from being too depressing. And gorgeous, gorgeous backgrounds and great music. You can get the entire series for just $10 on iTunes!

Land/marks // A few months ago, two of my favourite people broke my heart and also reaffirmed why I love and admire them so much when they quit their jobs, put all of their belongings into storage, sold one of their cars and left to travel around South America for half a year. My friend Jessica has been documenting their travels through gorgeous photographs as well as beautiful patterns inspired by each of the places they visit and sharing them on her travel blog. I have avidly/jealously been following along.

"We love illustration because you can lie to people."

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This was one of my favourite quotes from ICON a few weeks ago (said by Sam Arthur during his talk about the fantastic Nobrow). It is something that is bouncing around my brain even weeks after the conference ended and I had a very similar sentiment in mind when creating my submission for the Work+Play show at Land Gallery.


When I heard the prompt "work and play" (the theme for the entire conference) it made me think about how my favourite thing about being an illustrator is that we have the ability to bring anything to life. I love that researching and learning new things for illustrations is a part of my job and it really doesn't feel like work at all. I get to bring together the things that I learn and elements of my imagination to create something new which was the inspiration for this made-up cityscape.

Thanks to the cool folks at Land for putting together this great show!  You can see all of the work from the show and purchase prints in their online shop or if you're in the Portland area you can check out the show until August 24.

Letterpress for days

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If you follow me on instagram, you’ll likely have seen a few of these images kickin’ around. I worked on a super fun personal project over the weekend that turned out better than I could have ever imagined.


One of my coworkers owns a beautiful old printing press and was kind enough to let our team invade his garage last Friday to get our letterpress on. It was my first time letterpressing and I could not be more pleased with the results.


After a quick arm workout cranking the wheel on the old Chandler and Price it became almost zen just churning out print after print. All of the linework was letterpressed. I then hunkered down with a beer and my paints later that evening to add some colour. Because the ink we printed with is rubber based, it repelled the watercolour paint like I had hoped and I got to do a crafty Mr. Burns laugh as my plan unfolded perfectly. 


I am now 90% obessed with letterpressing everything and 10% afraid that this was a ridiculous bout of beginners luck.